Airport Workers Win Backpay

Some SEATAC airport workers received checks worth thousands of dollars over the summer—money owed to them by their employers.

SEATAC workers were the first in the nation to fight for and win a $15/hour minimum wage. This wage is protected by a law passed by voters. When the law came into effect, some companies refused to pay the legal wage—so workers, together with our union—took these companies to court. The result? These companies were forced to pay workers their rightful wages, plus backpay for the time when they tried to avoid it. When we fight, we win!

Girma cropped

“To me, this check meant justice. The law is there to protect our wages, and together with our union, we made sure these companies followed the law. Rent is expensive in SeaTac, and now that I’ve gotten my check, I’m saving it for a down payment on a house.” Girma Gebreyesus, Airport Worker

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