Justice for Janitors 2017

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Rally Celebrated Janitorial Contract Wins, Supported Non-Union Security Officers

This summer, union janitors came out to the annual Justice for Janitors rally to celebrate the wins of their contract campaign, and to support the SIS security officers who are organizing to form a union. J4J Day celebrates one of the most successful campaigns in labor history, which has brought together more than 250,000 janitors across the country as they’ve fought together for wages and benefits that can support their families.

In Seattle, our union janitors celebrated the contract they fought for last year—which won the continuation of full-family health coverage, a path to earning more than $15/hour, and new protections against overwork.

Union Janitor Amir Kalabic spoke at the rally. “We came to meetings, we showed up at events like this, we sat down to negotiate, and we talked to our coworkers about the importance of what we were doing. And it worked,” Amir said. “We got these things because we fought for them together. This is the only way to make sure our jobs are the kind of jobs that can help us take care of our families,” he said.

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Union janitors have a history of standing up for other workers as they fight for fairness in the workplace. They continued this tradition by marching to Amazon to call on the tech company to do right by its contracted security officers who work for SIS.

“I’m a janitor and I’m in the union, so I have benefits, including sick pay and medical. I work in the same building at Amazon as some SIS security officers. I know they don’t have a union, so they don’t have protections from unfair supervisors and can be fired easily,” said Union Janitor Ifrah Elmi. “I choose to speak out for them because I believe in speaking up for other people’s rights,” she said.



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