King County Council’s Letter to the King County Library System’s Board of Trustees

King County Library System (KCLS) Director Bill Ptacek thinks it’s okay to scoff at our state’s labor laws and is turning a blind eye to worker abuse.

In February, KCLS started doing business with National Maintenance Contractors (NMC) to provide janitorial services.  Despite NMC’s legendary history with both the Washington and Oregon Attorney Generals on labor issues, Mr. Ptacek is still handing them over our tax dollars.

In a letter from NMC to KCLS, the janitorial franchise company said they don’t have to pay the prevailing wage because they’ve found a loophole.  By misclassifying their workers as “independent contractors,” NMC is able to skirt the law and also gets away without providing basic worker benefits like Social Security, Medicare, and workers’ compensation.

Is this a company we want our public tax dollars going to?

Tell KCLS Director Bill Ptacek to give working families a fair shake and honor the intent of our state’s Prevailing Wage Act. Call (425) 369-3232.

Read King County Council’s letter to the King County Library System’s Board of Trustees: KCLS Contract letter 2013

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