Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of our members and their families, to affirm the humanity and worth of our members and the service they provide, and to create a more just and human society.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Motivating, training, and supporting members to become the voice and the leaders of the union
  • Developing a unified and informed membership that will actively participate in the life of the union
  • Organizing to extend the benefits of union membership to unorganized service workers and to secure control of our industries and labor markets to protect the hard-fought gains and security of our members
  • Bargaining contracts that build a strong union by improving wages and working conditions and by expanding the role of members in workplace decision making
  • Creating political power to ensure that workers’ voices are heard at every level of government
  • Establishing economic opportunities and fostering social justice
  • Building coalitions and acting in solidarity with other organizations who share our concern for social and economic justice

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