The Stewards Manual

»  Your Role as a Steward: The Basics
Get the basics about what you need as a steward, what your protections and duties are, and how to welcome new workers to the job.

»  Talking to Your Co-Workers
The how-to of explaining SEIU and how we work as a union, explaining our dues system, and what a difference the union makes.

»  Problem-Solving 101
What you do when confronted with a problem. This section teaches how to identify problems, what you have a right to know as a steward, how to analyze the problem, and working with management to resolve issues quickly.

»  Your Role As Steward: In-Depth
So, you’ve got a dispute in your workplace that’s not going away easily. Stewards wear many hats, and have lots of tools at their disposal to resolve issues short of filing formal grievances.

»  Disputes and Grievances: Rights, Procedures, and Best Practices
For the occasions when meetings between management and a member can lead to discipline or a grievance, read the step-by-step of the members (and your) rights, and how to formally craft grievances to reach the right resolution for workers.

»  Glossary and Bilbliography
Read about SEIU’s terminology and supporting information to find out more.

»  The Stewards Manual: A Booklet
A handy guide for SEIU Stewards.

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