SEIU6 Joins Call for Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire

The SEIU6 Executive Board joins the call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. SEIU6, a Seattle-based union of 10,000 janitors, security officers, airport workers, and event workers, condemns the horrific violence of October 7 in Israel, and the horrific violence which has followed in Gaza nearly every day since.

SEIU6 is a highly diverse union whose members speak over 26 languages. Our membership includes many refugees who personally know the devastation of war. Some of our members have experienced genocide, and some have seen the suffering of black and brown communities diminished or ignored on the world stage when they’ve fallen victim to war.

The SEIU6 Executive Board calls for the violence to end now. We will not stay silent when entire neighborhoods are being leveled in Palestine. We cannot stand by when children in Palestine are being killed, wounded, and traumatized at a rate not seen in any conflict this century.

SEIU6 members know what it means to unite across race, religion, language, and background for our common good. We know how readily the powerful try to divide us along these same lines. We call for unity so that the work of creating safety for families in Israel and Palestine can begin today.