Senator Cantwell & Nancy Kibocha SEIU6 Airport Worker

Working conditions at one airport can influence working conditions at all airports—for better or worse. That’s why passenger service workers like wheelchair agents, cabin cleaners & ramp agents at SeaTac take an active role in pushing for legislation that can lift up workers across the nation. 

“We fight for healthcare here in Seattle, and we fight for better wages, better benefits, increased safety and more respect for our sisters and brothers who do this work at airports in every city,” said airport leader Nancy Kibocha. 

Kibocha, pictured at left with Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, has traveled to Washington DC multiple times to advocate for policies that will lift up all airport workers at once. On her most recent visit, Kibocha met with Cantwell to secure the senator’s support for the Good Jobs for Good Airports bill. Kibocha urged Cantwell to make sure the worker protections in this bill will be included in the next FAA reauthorization bill.

“Senator Cantwell sat with me and listened to what we go through at the airport. I told her, the airlines don’t care about us, they just want the airport to run. But we deserve good health. We deserve respect. Senator Cantwell listened. She is with us. If we don’t speak up, they don’t know,” Kibocha said.

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