Honoring Our Longtime Leaders

Our union is strong because of members who step up, show up, and speak out. We want to honor two of our members who have done so much to empower their fellow workers over the course of many years.

Charles Pannell is a Shop Steward and Executive Board Member who has been active in our union since he started working janitorial at 999 3rd Ave in 1991.

Pannell got involved with the union during a contract fight. “The bosses wanted to give us a dime. We had the organizers on standby, and threated to walk off the job at midnight if they didn’t meet our demands. Just before midnight, the bosses relented. We got our money,” he said.

When he was volunteered to become his building’s shop steward, he asked himself, How bad can it be? “I’ve been one ever since,” he said. “You make a difference for your people.”

Jesus García-Sanchez (pictured left with President Salinas) has served for many years as a Shop Steward and Executive Board Member. He put his energy into nearly every contract fight our union has undertaken over the past 26 years, and our union is stronger because of him. García-Sanchez announced his retirement from our union’s Executive Board in March. President Salinas thanked him for his service, applauding him for having been an uncompromising supporter of workers’ rights for decades.

“Everything has a beginning and an end,” García-Sanchez said. “It is my hope that all of you will continue this fight.”