Janitors founded SEIU6 in 1921. Today, nearly 5,000 janitors in Washington unite to keep raising industry standards. For the past several decades, Seattle and King County janitors have won some of the highest wages and best benefits in the nation, including full-family employer-paid medical and dental insurance, as part of the Justice for Janitors movement. 

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    On Saturday, June 29, SEIU6 janitors voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new 4-year contract that protects their healthcare, raises wages, and strengthens their seniority rights. Nearly 4,000 janitors in King County will be covered under the new agreement, which will take effect July 1, 2024. The contract ratification comes after weeks of public actions by…

  • Project Help Aids Workers in Navigating Workers Comp

    This fall, Project Help came to SEIU6 and led workshops in English and Spanish to catch SEIU6 members up on the basics of filing for workers compensation. Project Help simplifies the workers compensation process to make sure workers who are injured on the job are able to access benefits. Do you need help navigating […]

  • Janitors Unite to Restore Cut Hours at Starbucks

    Temesgen recalls the night that the site supervisor came and told the night shift janitors that their hours would be cut. It was early in the pandemic, just over 2 years ago. At the time, it seemed reasonable, and the site supervisor made it clear that the decision had come from above. Then the night…

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