For New Members

Congratulations on your new union job. As a union member, you join 20% of Washington’s labor force who earn more annually and receive better health care and retirement benefits than their non-union counterparts.

SEIU6 unites 9,000 families from different places and races to fight for issues that matter to us. We represent janitors, security officers, airport workers, stadium workers and allied industry workers in Washington state. We have a track record of big wins, including some of the strongest janitorial and security contracts in the nation, and the first $15/hour minimum wage law at Sea-Tac airport.


At SEIU6, our members make us strong. Active member participation means more power when we bargain for contracts and when we push to make industry-wide improvements. We value you, your voice and your ideas.

New Member Orientation

The quickest way to learn about our union is to attend a New Member Orientation. These meetings are held monthly, both for the general membership and at some specific worksites. 

To learn more about the next orientation meeting, call our Member Resource Center at 206-448-7348.

Stay Connected

Come out to our quarterly general membership meetings. 

Reach out to your organizer for a one-on-one meeting or a site visit. Call our Member Resource Center for more information: 206-448-7348.

And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SEIU6.

We are stronger together.