About SEIU6

10,000+ Members Strong

SEIU6 Property Services NW proudly represents a diverse workforce of more than 10,000 janitors, security officers, airport passenger service workers and allied industries workers in Washington state. SEIU6 also represents stadium workers, and barbers. By joining together, our members have a better chance to get the wages, benefits and opportunities they deserve.

Many SEIU6 members are immigrants who speak languages such as Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Amharic, and others. We are committed to ensuring all members have access to the information they need so their rights are protected.

SEIU6 was founded by a group of Seattle theater janitors and became one of the original locals of the Service Employees International Union in 1921. SEIU represents over two million service workers in North America and is proud to have the most diverse membership and leadership in the Labor Movement.

Our Mission

SEIU6 empowers workers to demand justice in the workplace, and to build a prosperous, equitable, and secure future for us all. We are a multicultural, multilingual organization that strives for racial and social justice through collective action.

We accomplish our mission by:

Motivating, training, and supporting members to become the voice and the leaders of our union

Developing a unified and informed membership that will actively participate in the life of our union

Organizing to extend the benefits of union membership to unorganized service workers and to secure control of our industries and labor markets to protect the hard-fought gains and security of our members

Bargaining contracts that build a strong union by improving wages and working conditions and by expanding the role of members in workplace decision making

Creating political power to ensure that workers’ voices are heard at every level of government

Establishing economic opportunities and fostering social justice

Building coalitions and acting in solidarity with other organizations who share our concern for racial, social, and economic justice

We are stronger together.