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SeaTac passenger service workers won the nation’s first $15/hour minimum wage when they united to win Proposition 1 in SeaTac in 2013. Today, this multilingual, multiracial group of workers enjoys one of the highest minimum wages in the nation, and continues to organize to raise standards for airport workers nationwide. Passenger service workers including wheelchair agents, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, and ramp agents are organizing at SeaTac to bring quality affordable healthcare to airport workers today. 

Healthcare for SEATAC Airport Workers Now!


  • Port of Seattle Commission Issues Proclamation In Favor of Healthcare for All Airport Workers

    On May 23, 2023, the Port of Seattle Commission issued a proclamation in support of quality jobs for all SeaTac workers—including meaningful access to healthcare.  SEIU6 members have been speaking out on the lack of quality, affordable healthcare, and how it impacts their families, their jobs, and their financial stability. This largely BIPOC and immigrant workforce maintains […]

  • SeaTac Airport Worker Advocates for Good Jobs for Good Airports Act in Washington, DC

    On Dec 8th, Nancy Kibocha, an SEIU6 member, flew to DC to talk to members of Congress in Capitol Hill about passing the Good Jobs for Good Airports Act. She shared her personal experience as an airport worker at SeaTac and how setting a national wage and benefit standard would impact her quality of […]

  • SeaTac Airport Workers Call on Congress to Pass the Good Jobs for Good Airports Act

    On Dec 8th, airport service workers at SeaTac joined workers across 15 cities to demand nationwide wage and benefit standards for all airport workers. This was in solidarity with airport workers in cities like Boston, Chicago and Newark who went on strike to protest unfair labor practices, wage theft, and unsafe working conditions. Airport workers across […]

Good Jobs for Good Airports

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