Security Officers on Amazon’s Campus on a Path to Good Union Jobs

Amazon hires union contractors to replace Security Industry Specialists (SIS)

After 7 years of workers calling out issues like racism, harassment, and lack of religious accommodation at SIS, the security officers on Amazon’s campus are ready to welcome to a responsible union contractor.


“I’m an SIS security officer & I’ve seen the issues everyone talks about with SIS. I applaud Amazon for choosing responsible contractors who will give officers a voice on the job. I’ve worked both union & non-union security, & it makes a huge difference when you have job protection from being in a union. I think this means Amazon listened to the security officers who work here every day, & that’s a huge win.” -SIS Officer Heather Giaudrone

With new responsible contractors awarded the bid to provide security services for Amazon buildings, officers are looking toward working with their union to address problems in their workplace, with a process to safely and effectively raise future issues with management.

“Members of SEIU6 came together to support these officers in their struggle for fair treatment. Sisters and brothers from security, janitorial, and the airport united in solidarity with these officers to raise their voices and be heard. I’m proud of the hard work that our members put in over the years. In our union, we know that when we stand united, we can win the respect, fair treatment, and safe working conditions that every worker deserves.” -SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera