Barbers who cut hair at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Tacoma are proud SEIU6 members. As union members, they’ve won better and better contracts over the years and secured dignified pay and steady careers.

All this changed, however, when a new company, Sammi Beauty Global, took over the contract. This company is intent on paying the barbers less than what their union contract allows, and management is intimidating anyone who refuses to go along with their scheme. They’ve gone so far as to call the military police on their own workers, making false accusations just to scare the workers into accepting less than what they deserve.

But the barbers know better. Through pay cuts and intimidation, they are standing strong. They’ve worked with our union to force the employer to pay their guaranteed wages, and they’ve filed numerous claims with the NLRB, which has taken action on behalf of the barbers. They’ve even spoken to the press, appearing in a KUOW radio story.

“We know that we must use our voices, be brave, and fight! We can’t fear our employers; we must stick together.”— Mison Batista, pictured left. ”We need to stand strong, and stand together.”—Espy Mamerto, pictured right.