How to Apply for Free College through SEIU: An interview with SEIU6 security officer Clarissa Valdez

SEIU6: How did you hear about the SEIU Free College Benefit?

Valdez: I heard about it from an SEIU email.

SEIU6: What are you studying in college?

Valdez: Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems. I’d like to become an IT specialist.

SEIU6: What’s it like taking all your classes online?

Valdez: The classes can be rigorous and you have to motivate yourself. It’s more interactive than you’d think. People want to help each other, so it’s easy to make study buddies. It’s mainly adult learners who are changing careers.

SEIU6: Is it hard balancing work and college?

Valdez: It’s made me a better officer because I have to manage my time carefully. It’s made me sharpen my skills and my focus, and figure out what works for my learning style.

SEIU6: How was the application process?

Valdez: Easy. I hadn’t filled out a FAFSA in a long time, but it wasn’t hard. Once my paperwork was submitted, the program administrators were quick to reach out to me and they’ve been very helpful and supportive. You get the feeling that the folks behind the SEIU Free College Program really want you to succeed.