A green economy would prioritize a healthy environment and social equity. Our current economic system has taken us to a point of extreme economic inequality plus near environmental collapse.

We know it’s time for a new direction, where we begin to rely on clean energy sources, and build an economy where every worker has a safe job that pays a living wage with union rights. Tying our work to building this new green economy is one way to achieve these goals.

The Green Janitor Education Program is a step in the right direction. It would train janitors to be environmental stewards in their buildings, with practices like conserving energy and water, cleaning with non-toxic solutions, and using smart waste diversion techniques.

“I want to have skills to take care of my building as well as the environment,” SEIU6 janitor Lalesa Gurmessa told City Council. “We want to do work that makes the Earth healthier for our children.”

Making our jobs into green jobs means we can gain valuable skills and stay ahead in the transition to a green economy—while doing right by future generations. For more info, call our union or message us on Facebook @SEIU6.