SEIU6 Janitors Win Industry-leading Contract; will Celebrate at Westlake Park on July 16

SEATTLE— On Saturday, July 10, SEIU6 janitors voted overwhelmingly to approve a tentative agreement reached by the SEIU6 Janitorial Bargaining Team and representatives of their employers. The new contract includes wage increases of up to $3 over the next three years for experienced janitors, stronger protections against COVID-19, higher pension contributions, and no cuts to healthcare, which will continue to cover janitors and their families with premiums fully paid by employers.

WHO: SEIU6 janitors, King County Executive Dow Constantine, City Council President Lorena Gonzalez, State Senator Rebecca Saldaña, SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera, families, union members and community allies

WHAT: Justice for Janitors Contract Win Celebration

WHEN: Friday, July 16, 1:00pm

WHERE: Westlake Park, 401 Pine St, Seattle WA 98001

SEIU6 janitors and supporters will gather to celebrate the new contract on Friday, July 16. The contract covers over 4,000 janitors in King County and will remain in effect until summer 2024. The total increase in wages and benefits for SEIU6 union janitors over the life of the contract is over $37 million.

“After almost a year and a half working through COVID, this new contract shows respect for janitors. We made all gains, no losses, and I’m proud that we were able to win significant wage increases and to fight off attacks on our healthcare. It’s not enough to be called heroes. All essential workers need the power to bargain for strong contracts like this one.” —Musa Tunkara, SEIU6 janitor and bargaining team member

“This contract was not won by chance or luck. It was won by a group of workers who’ve gone through the pandemic together, and who came out united like never before. SEIU6 janitors know what it means to be called essential yet still have to fight for basic safety protections. They came to this contract with demands for respect, protection, and higher pay, and there’s no way they would’ve left the bargaining table without it.” —Zenia Javalera, SEIU6 President