SeaTac Airport Workers Call on Airlines to Raise Standards

Passenger service workers like wheelchair agents, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, and janitors have kept airports running through a global pandemic for more than 2 years now. At SeaTac, they’ve done it with inadequate health insurance and too few sick days.

On March 30, the anniversary of the CARES Act, SeaTac workers joined voices with workers in over 20 airports across the country to demand airlines sign the Good Airports Pledge, ensuring living wages, good benefits, and unions for all airport workers, regardless of their race, national origin, or which company signs their paycheck.

Workers called out airline CEOs for paying themselves as much as $5,000/hr while airport workers in some markets make as little as $8/hr.

SEIU6 Shop Steward Sadia Bultum was quoted in Democracy Now, saying SeaTac workers feared for their safety during the pandemic, while airlines got federal bailout money.

“We were risking our health and that of our families every day, yet it was the airlines who were given billions during COVID. If it were not for us airport workers, the economy would not be running today.”

SEIU6 passenger service workers are preparing to bargain for a new contract this summer. Airport workers can get involved by joining Airport Workers United, which meets monthly on Zoom. Join the Facebook group to learn more.

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SeaTac Airport workers take part in a national day of action on March 30, 2022