Airport Workers Vote to Ratify New Contract with ERMC

SEIU6 members vote to ratify new contract with ERMC

On Tuesday, May 3rd, SEIU6 airport workers at ERMC voted unanimously to ratify a new contract. The new contract guarantees:

  1. An  $18 hourly summer raise
  2. Seniority benefits such as priority for extra hours
  3.  PTO cash out at the end of the year
  4. Fair and transparent disciplinary action
  5. Vacation accrual for both part-time and full-time employees
  6. Leave of absence for up to 2 months after 1yr of working

“My co-workers and I were very excited for this contract because we really wanted the opportunity for more hours, PTO and vacation hours. Previously we were only allowed to take two weeks of vacation which was not enough for me and my family to visit our home in Marshall Islands. Now we have the opportunity to take two months leave which is enough time to be able to visit and spend time with family overseas.”

Tony Lomae

“We won a fair contract because we kept pushing. I have been a shop steward for the last four years. I started working with the union because I had been working for two years without taking a vacation. When I asked management if I could take time off, they said I only had 20hrs worth of vacation which was incorrect. So I went to our union and I was able to get my 2 months worth of vacation without losing my seniority. It was important to me because I was able to go back to my home country Kenya for the first time since I immigrated with my daughter. That is why I worked with my co-workers to fight for a strong contract that gives us better raises and vacation hours.”

Nancy Kibosha