Minimum Wage Increase for Sea-Tac Passenger Service Workers

Effective January 1, 2023, the minimum wage in Sea-Tac will be the highest in the nation. Passenger service workers will see the minimum wage increase to $19.06, a 8.66% increase from one year prior.

Wages for certain workers in Sea-Tac are determined by Proposition 1, which SEIU6 members fought for and won together with a multiracial, multi-faith coalition in 2013.

Each year, the minimum wage increase is calculated based on the US Department of Labor’s consumer price index.

Sea-Tac airport workers led the way with the first $15/hour minimum wage in the nation. In connecting with coworkers, building a coalition with labor and community allies, and getting out the vote for Proposition 1, Sea-Tac workers built a foundation for collective action that continues to benefit our airport community.

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