New Year New Opportunities! SEIU6 Legislative Goals

Sandra Toussaint, SEIU6 Political Director

As we close out 2022, and are enjoying our holidays and celebrating the start of a new year, we can all be proud. We have set the foundation for a very successful year! All of our pro-union candidates won their races, we successfully raised the minimum wage in Tukwila, and we let the Port of Seattle know that everyone deserves affordable healthcare. 

This coming year we will have a strong pro-union state legislature, and we’ll need it! We have four bills we are trying to pass in Olympia.  

  1. Improve protections for workers that do repetitive tasks every day on the job 
  1. Jet Fuels Tax Reform, making sure the airlines pay their fair share of taxes and for polluting our communities 
  1. Security Guard Licensing Reform, making it easier for our security officer members to have more control over their licenses and fair pricing for them 
  1. Washington Future Fund, building a system that supports our kids and interrupts the cycle of poverty 

In order to get these bills passed, we’ll need everyone to reach out to their legislators and tell them how important these bills are for working families. The Legislative Session begins January 9th and we will be sending emails, lobbying, and advocating hard for our priorities. Check your email for upcoming actions! 

Let’s make 2023 a year of action!