Airport Workers win Backpay at Whayne; Nearly $70,000 in Wages Recovered

SeaTac janitors working for Whayne Enterprises noticed a pay discrepancy earlier this year and notified our union. SEIU6 carried out an audit on the company and found evidence of pay discrepancies costing workers nearly $70,000 in total. Whayne agreed to return the missing wages to workers in the form of backpay.

SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera distributed checks ranging from $3,000 – $7,000 in backpay to impacted union members, who celebrated the win during our monthly Airport Workers United meeting. Union members coming together to solve this problem as a team made this win possible.

When we fight, we win!

SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera distributes backpay checks to Whayne airport workers at SeaTac.