During the June Shop Steward meeting at SEIU6, a group of kids and adults gathered to make friendship bracelets with a powerful message.  Using colorful beads and letters of the alphabet, these bracelets spelled out an important remider for President Biden: to keep his promise to keep families together by protecting TPS for those who rely on it. 

TPS (temporary protected status) is an immigration status that allows people to live in the US when their home countries face catastrophies like earthquakes and war. People from many countries, including Afghanistan, Haiti, Honduras, and Ukraine rely on TPS to provide them a safe place to live and rebuild after a disaster. 

But, like many immigration policies in the US, TPS must be renewed by elected officials. 

Mey & Milixa
Mey & Milixa

SEIU6 Janitor Milixa and her daughter Mey made bracelets here at SEIU6 to urge President Biden to do the right thing and extend TPS­­—then delivered them to the White House. Milixa and Mey are part of a movement of union families who speak up for the safety and stability of those who rely on TPS. SEIU6 is proud to support them, because families belong together!