Elected Officials Letter of Support

Seattle union janitors, a largely immigrant, black and brown workforce, are fighting for a fair contract. As an elected official, your voice can go a long way in helping secure a better future for 4,000 Washington families. 

The collective bargaining agreement covering the janitors who clean and maintain billions of dollars of commercial real estate properties in King County is set to expire on June 30, 2024. Without good raises and maintaining full employer-paid medical, the janitors stand to be left behind in today’s economy as the average salary for janitors in King County is less than $45,000 / year. Help give dignity to their work by signing this letter of support.

“The money I get from my job is just enough for bills and to sustain myself. I have to get a second job to provide for my daughter properly. Working two jobs is hard on our bodies, especially our joints, and makes us tired for the next one, meaning we can’t bring our best. With rent increasing and food becoming expensive, we need to get better wages to keep up. We need to be able to work one job and earn enough.” —Union Janitor Ngoc Nguyen.

Please sign this letter of support and help tell employers that janitors deserve the following: