Hire Union Janitors

While many jobs have bounced back from the impacts of COVID-19, janitorial workers are still bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s effects. The workload for janitors has increased significantly due to workforce reductions, yet wages remain unreasonably low.

By hiring union contractors, you can help ensure that janitors are treated with dignity and respect, and that they are fairly compensated for their work. 

Did You Know?

  • The cost of living in the Seattle metropolitan area has increased more than 20% since January 2021.
  • Many contractors have not rebuilt their janitorial workforce after Covid, which means hundreds of janitors have been left without jobs. 
  • Those who are employed are expected to put in more hours and take on a much heavier load. The increased workload can result in serious injuries, extensive time away from their families, and higher costs for child care.

 I’ve been a janitor for 10 years. I started out working at a non-union site. I never felt secure there. The supervisor was rude and would shout at us. I constantly worried that I would lose my job if the supervisor was in the mood to fire me. That was when I transitioned to a union job. I became active in my union because I wanted to know more about my rights in the workplace. 

— Lupita Jimenez

 I am a single mother. I have to be strong for my family and work hard to provide for them. I’ve been a janitor for 3 years. I used to work 2 jobs just to provide the basics. My union organizer helped me find another job. Now I’m able to work just one job and I have more time to spend with my child. I appreciate having a union contract because it protects my benefits. 

— Ngoc Nguyen

Responsible Contractors

When your business chooses to implement responsible contractor practices, you benefit from a highly skilled and motivated workforce, while providing quality service. These contractors adhere to the responsible hiring and employment practices as outlined by SEIU.

  • A&A
  • Able 
  • ABM King County / SeaTac 
  • ABM Spokane 
  • ABM Tacoma 
  • Alliance 
  • Blackstone 
  • Eco Staff 
  • Environmental 
  • ESS
  • Evergreen 
  • GCA 
  • GDI 
  • IFS 
  • MBM 
  • PBS 
  • Priority 1
  • Prudent 
  • SBM site 
  • SMS 
  • UG2 
  • Wills 
  • Southeast Airport Cleaners 
  • Seattle commercial Cleaners
  • ISS 
  • ACP 
  • C&W 
  • DFS 
  • Flagship 
  • Whayne 

Property managers, investors, tenants and other interested parties can use the Responsible Contractor Guide’s online searchable database to easily review a contractor’s status in a market or to view all contractors in a market:

I’ve become an immigrant rights advocate because I know that without permission to work, you can’t get good jobs or go after the best work opportunities like a job with good insurance. Being part of our union is amazing because I can help and support my co-workers. When we are many, we are able to do more. 

— Milixa Portillo Cortes

 I’ve been a janitor for 10 years. I like working a union job because our union provides knowledge which I share with my co-workers so we can defend ourselves against abuse at work. At the end of the day, we want respect—in how we are treated and how we are paid. What drives me in life is my kids and my two grandchildren. 

— Maria González

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