Sea-Tac Airport Workers Push for Healthcare

Sea-Tac passenger service workers ratified strong new contracts over the summer, with increased paid time off and new mechanisms for securing their work schedules. The Sea-Tac minimum wage will increase to $19.06 on January 1, 2023. The collective action of this predominantly immigrant workforce has made Sea-Tac a leader in wages and working conditions for passenger service workers. But adequate healthcare remains an urgent need.

“We need health insurance—especially older workers like me. I’m 63 years old. I’ve worked at Sea-Tac since 2004. The insurance our employers offer is unaffordable. In this type of job, you don’t know when you might get hurt. We strain our backs because we’re constantly lifting heavy baggage or pushing people in wheelchairs. Years ago, I was in the ICU for 9 days. I had to pay out of pocket because I didn’t have adequate insurance. Airlines who contract our employers should make sure we’re covered. The job is not easy and we worked during the pandemic with no health benefits. The companies and airlines need to do better.” —Ador Deguzman, Sea-Tac Airport Worker

Passenger service workers like cabin cleaners, wheelchair agents and baggage handlers are calling on the Port of Seattle to step in. Airports in cities like New York, Newark, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have set rules requiring airport employers offer quality, affordable healthcare to workers. We can do the same in Sea-Tac.

Sign the petition to tell the Port of Seattle that all airport workers deserve healthcare—no matter their race, country of origin, or who signs their paychecks.