August 1 Primary Endorsements

The SEIU6 Executive Board recommends the following candidates for the August 1, 2023 Primary Election, as recommended by the SEIU6 Political Committee.

King County Council

District 2           Girmay Zahilay             

District 4           Jorge Baron                

District 8           Teresa Mosqueda        

Port of Seattle Commission

Position 2         Sam Cho                      

Position 5         Fred Felleman     

Seattle City Council

District 1           Maren Costa                

District 2           Tammy Morales           

District 3           Andrew Ashiofu          

District 6           Dan Strauss                  

District 7           Andrew Lewis              

City of Spokane

Mayor                          Lisa Brown                  

Council President          Besty Wilkerson           

City Council 1                Lindsey Shaw               

City Council 3                Esteban Herevia