A Letter from Labor Leaders to Amazon

The following open letter was emailed to Amazon on July 11, 2019.


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Security Officers on Amazon’s Campus on a Path to Good Union Jobs

Amazon hires union contractors to replace Security Industry Specialists (SIS)

After 7 years of workers calling out issues like racism, harassment, and lack of religious accommodation at SIS, the security officers on Amazon’s campus are ready to welcome to a responsible union contractor.

SO HG“I’m an SIS security officer & I’ve seen the issues everyone talks about with SIS. I applaud Amazon for choosing responsible contractors who will give officers a voice on the job. I’ve worked both union & non-union security, & it makes a huge difference when you have job protection from being in a union. I think this means Amazon listened to the security officers who work here every day, & that’s a huge win.” -SIS Officer Heather Giaudrone

With new responsible contractors awarded the bid to provide security services for Amazon buildings, officers are looking toward working with their union to address problems in their workplace, with a process to safely and effectively raise future issues with management.

“Members of SEIU6 came together to support these officers in their struggle for fair treatment. Sisters and brothers from security, janitorial, and the airport united in solidarity with these officers to raise their voices and be heard. I’m proud of the hard work that our members put in over the years. In our union, we know that when we stand united, we can win the respect, fair treatment, and safe working conditions that every worker deserves.” -SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera

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Security Officers Win Industry-Leading Contract

After a busy three months of organizing and bargaining, the hard work paid off as SEIU6 union security officers voted on Thursday to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement. The new contract sets several industry-leading standards, including a minimum wage for officers working in Seattle and Bellevue that will come into effect on May 1 at $15.65 and will increase each year, to $17.27 by 2022.

With 73% of the present membership voting “YES” to ratify, security officers overwhelmingly approved the proposal recommended by the member bargaining team.

In addition to strong wage increases, officers won stronger seniority rights, protections from mandatory overtime, established a 3-day time limit to resolve wage and hour discrepancies, guaranteed minimum pay if a shift is canceled, and more paid time off.

SEIU6 security officers will re-open negotiations this fall in order to make further improvements to healthcare.

Want to get involved so we can win big?

Contact our union at 206-448-7348 and ask for Bryce.

Ernest Covington_Small

“This new contract shows respect for security officers. The fact that we won four weeks’ vacation for senior officers is major. I hope it will be an incentive for younger officers to stick with it, and for us to attract more quality officers.” – SEIU6 Security Officer Ernest Covington

Demetrus Dugar

“We brought everybody up with this new contract. Nobody was left behind. My company doesn’t provide a retirement plan, so for me, the extra money will help me save for retirement.” – SEIU6 Security Officer Demetrus Dugar

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Security Officers Fight for Better Contract

SEIU6 Security Officers are set to bargain for their new contract. Officers have identified their top bargaining goals and are ready to fight. Here are the top 3 bargaining goals:

• Wage increases

• Affordable family healthcare

• More paid time off

Officers, if you want these things too, please join us in this fight. Be on the lookout for events, gatherings and actions. For more info, call Greg at 206-448-7348.

Security Bargaining Meeting Group_Edited

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Security Meeting Rescheduled to November 11

Our previously scheduled  October 28th meeting is being moved to November 11. Details below. 


We are months away from our contract expiring, and we’ll start bargaining at the start of the New Year. Many of you gave us your input on what you need your job to provide for your family, and we have compiled those results. It’s time to gear up for the fight!


Security Luncheon and Bargaining Prep Meeting

Saturday, November 11

12pm – 2pm

SEIU6 3720 Airport Way S


▶ Eat lunch and get to know other officers in the industry

▶ Go over survey results

▶ Plan next steps in our contract fight



Officer Yasmeen compiling surveys, ready to #StandForSecurity

Officer Yasmeen compiling surveys, ready to #StandForSecurity

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Seattle Security Officers Are Part of National Debate on Paid Sick Leave

Whether it’s $15/hr minimum wage or Paid Sick Leave, Seattle’s workers are always part of the national debate. Tracison Casarrubias, a Security Officer at SIS, is making her voice heard where it matters. We’re proud to fight alongside her!

     Check out the post at Stand for Security here, and watch excerpts from Al Jazeera’s story below:

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Security officers make their voices heard loud and clear during Amazon shareholder meetings

Davion Interview 5-20-14

Security officers who work at Amazon’s facilities made their voices heard yesterday as they demanded the company keep its word and respect the rights of its workers to form a union. Nearly all the Seattle area TV news stories covering the meeting highlighted the workers’ protest. While inside the meeting, security officers questioned CEO Jeff Bezos directly on why the online giant was violating its own Code of Conduct by intimidating workers for trying to unionize.

For more information on the protest outside the shareholders’ meeting, visit SEIU Local 6 on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the radio and TV coverage.

Banner SIS 5-20
sergio amazon shareholders 5-21-14


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